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AR VR XR Testing For conversations and questions around Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and Extended Reality (XR). Localisation Testing This section is supported by WonderProxy. Interested in approaches and strategies for localisation testing? Have resources to share that will help others with localisation testing? Caveats to beware of? Perhaps you’re looking to get started and interested in some advice, this is the place to ask. TestChat This category is for discussions that follow on from our #TestChat discussions. If you saw a question in the #TestChat that you’d like to discuss more, ask it here. Accessibility Testing This category is for all things accessibility and accessibility testing. Exploratory Testing All things Exploratory Testing. Do you want advice on how to get started in exploratory testing, fire away!How do you manage your exploratory testing? Tell us! What tools do you use during your exploratory testing, share away! Test Automation A place to share all things automation related. Talk about the latest tools you’re using to help with your automated testing and checking. Are there any patterns you have adopted with your automation in testing? Book Club An area to discuss books we are reading or would recommend to other software testers and QA folk. Like a book club but an online version of that. Security Testing All about the securities testing. Share tools, advise, recent hacks, all things security testing. Testing Tools A place to talk about and share all the awesome tools you’re using or created in the context of software testing. Mobile Testing All things mobile testing. Share tools and advice on mobile testing. Share news about the latest devices and stories from the media. How To Test A place to discuss ideas around how to test specific types of problems or areas of an application. Hopefully it will provide testing inspiration in times of need! API Testing A place to share all things API testing related. Talk about the latest API testing tools you’re using. Perhaps you’re looking to move into the space of API testing and looking for some advice please ask. Interested in API strategies, here is the category to ask about that. Got an effective API strategy? Share it! MoT Power Hour A place to add your questions about various software testing topics to our Power Hour threads. A selected member of the community will spend 1 hour of their time powering through your questions and providing answers. Performance Testing All about performance testing. Share tools, techniques, advice. Perhaps even share some recent performance failures that may have made the news. AI & Machine Learning If you have a question specific to AI or Machine Learning, here is the place to ask it Got some strategies to share? Do you have advice on how software testers can approach testing in the AI and Machine Learning field?
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