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Exploratory Testing All things Exploratory Testing, or should that just be testing…
TestChat This category is for discussions that follow on from our <a href="">#TestChat</a> discussions that we usually host once per month.
Automation One of my favourite topics. A place to share all things automation related.
Performance Testing All about the performance. <br>Share tools, techniques, advice.
Mobile Testing All things mobile. <br>Share tools and advise on mobile testing. <br>Share news about the latest devices and stories from the media.
AI & Machine Learning If you have a question specific to AI or Machine Learning, here is the place to ask it
How To Test A place to discuss ideas around how to test specific types of problems or areas of an application. Hopefully it will provide testing inspiration in times of need!
Tools A place to talk about and share all the awesome tools you're using or created in the context of testing.
Security Testing All about the securities testing

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