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Performance Testing All about the performance. <br>Share tools, techniques, advice. Exploratory Testing All things Exploratory Testing, or should that just be testing… Mobile Testing All things mobile. <br>Share tools and advise on mobile testing. <br>Share news about the latest devices and stories from the media. Book Club An area to discuss books we are reading or would recommend to other testers. Like a book Club but an online version of that. Tools A place to talk about and share all the awesome tools you're using or created in the context of testing. Security Testing All about the securities testing. Share tools, advise, recent hacks, all things security testing. Automation One of my favourite topics. A place to share all things automation related. AI & Machine Learning If you have a question specific to AI or Machine Learning, here is the place to ask it TestChat This category is for discussions that follow on from our <a href="">#TestChat</a> discussions that we usually host once per month. How To Test A place to discuss ideas around how to test specific types of problems or areas of an application. Hopefully it will provide testing inspiration in times of need!
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