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Resources This category is related to the <a href="">resources</a> section on the Dojo. We sometimes crowdsource resources for there, updates to these resources may come from discussions in this category.
TestSphere This section is all about <a href="">TestSphere</a>.
London Tester Gathering Workshops In February 2017, we announced that we would be partnering with Tony Bruce to host his very well like workshops in London.
30 Days of Testing We regularly have <a href="">30 days of testing</a> challenges. You can join in at the time or maybe you’re playing catch up at a later date. Discussions around the 30 days of testing challenges are welcome here at any time.
Software Testing Clinic The Software Testing Clinic is a safe environment for junior testers to learn and enhance their testing skills, and for senior testers to learn and enhance their mentoring skills.
The Dojo The Dojo is an online platform where we are focusing on sharing and learning about all things testing.

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