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SWTC Brighton - What is testing? [Clinics] (5)
SWTC London - Agile and Agile Testing [Clinics] (1)
SWTC Cambridge - Mentoring [Clinics] (2)
SWTC London - ET and Chartering [Clinics] (2)
SWTC Glasgow - Mentoring [Clinics] (1)
How to gain experience Software Testing as a novice [Clinics] (5)
SWTC London - Technical Testing - Accessibility testing [Clinics] (3)
What do you want to learn? [Clinics] (12)

At Sofware testing clinic it's important to use that we teach is relevant and useful. We carefully select and discuss each of our sessions to ensure that participants leave feeling they have taken a step forward to beco…

SWTC Glasgow - Note Taking [Clinics] (1)
SWTC London - Communication mind maps [Clinics] (2)
SWTC Glasgow - ET & Chartering [Clinics] (1)
SWTC London - Testing requirements [Clinics] (2)
SWTC Glasgow - Heuristics & Oracles - August 2017 [Clinics] (1)
What are the activities that occur during software performance testing process? [Clinics] (5)
SWTC Glasgow - Identifying Risk [Clinics] (3)
SWTC Glasgow - What is Testing? [Clinics] (1)
Follow up from first Glasgow meet up [Clinics] (2)
Automation - question on using Selenium with E2E testing [Clinics] (10)
SWTC London - Heuristics and Oracles - June 2017 [Clinics] (14)
Identifying risks - Whiteboard notes [Clinics] (8)
What is a software testing mind map [Clinics] (3)
Tips for breaking into Software testing [Clinics] (3)
Empathy maps of Mentees and Mentors [Clinics] (3)
Good times at the retrospective [Clinics] (3)
Welcome to the Software testing Clinic - Getting started [Clinics] (1)

Welcome to the Software testing clinic, part of the Ministry of Testing. If you are new to SWTC then it's worth reading over this post to get a better understanding of who we are and what we do. What is Software testi…