30 Days of Agile testing, Day 8: Talk to a developer, rather than creating a ticket

(Jesper) #1

I like the idea in this, as I prefer only to log bugs that cannot be fixed and deployed within the day. Chatting/writing/talking to a developer directly regarding the findings goes well along with “collaboration over negotiation”. (See 30 Days of Agile testing, Day 4: The agile manifesto)

But there are contexts where it is important to log the bugs in the tracking system. In some regulatory (finance and pharma) logging even bugs in the test cases is needed. Because what they look for is all differences between the system and specification.

More and more regulated projects looks into delivering in an agile way, and it reminds me that the strictness and formality is not only a property for v-model projects.

(Kanika Tiwari) #2

@jesper: I like the idea of communicating with developer for any issue detected;but i don’t support any Bug Fix offline.
Instead we can discuss the issue with developers and then log the BUG into Defect Management System.
Also Testers can discuss their Test Strategies with the Developers which can eventually help them out during Unit Testing and can even extend their help to clear out any scenario during Unit Testing or during Development.
Logged Bugs always help as they can be re-introduced after any big/small Code Modification.

(Heather) #3

A few blog posts I found online for day 8