30 Days of Automation in Testing Day 16: Share the most valuable piece of automation being used by your team

Today’s challenge as part of 30 Days of Automation in Testing is:

Share the most valuable piece of automation being used by your team

I’ve caught some of the tweets about this:


Writing concise, easy to understand tests backed by good page-object modelling.


The most valuable piece of automation being used by my team is Dynamic Data. As you know, all automation scripts have data-driven. The data will be expired on websites or in database or api, and the scripting QA should update them by manual (searching, query, update to data-driven files). My team created a Dynamic Data project to make it automatically, just one click all new data will be generated and created. And we can run the automation scripts again with the newest data


# Day 16: Share the most valuable piece of automation being used by your team**
My Team created Data Driven ,Jira UI Integration ,Jira API test ,Android and IOS Mobile Tests using Katalon Studio

Our Head of QA (Milind) had created a master framework using Selenium WebDriver which is having capabilities to handle common web elements, reusable methods, docketed cross browser test platforms (with SauceLabs, Zalenium) along with mobile capabilities that powers the automation framework for all our projects.

So, for ever project that we test, we don’t create a framework from scratch. Rather we use this master framework and just add our tests for each projects utilizing the predefined capabilities set on the master framework.

This is pretty cool and one awesome work that we use to manage our automation capabilities effectively.


@heather_reid, @Peet Michielsen (PeetRonics) - +1

At my current place of employment, we’re using pretty much the same things:

  • JEST for unit testing
  • CircleCI for continuous integration workflow
  • CodeceptJS for integration tests / FrisbyJS for API tests
  • Slack for notifications, updates, and impeccably timed and relevant /giphy memes

Love it! A good giphy is worth a thousand words :grinning:

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Regression and intergration testing are one of the most boring testing activity for testers. So, automation is very helpful for my team to run it daily.

I find it unusual we so strongly highlight only regression type automation yet personally I find a good automation suite covering load, performance, security, cross-browser and accessibility far more valuable. The reasoning behind this is the fact they are easy to set up and maintain yet pay for themselves every week.

Yes, they are not as good as comprehensive manual testing but they are perfect for benchmark standards and free up our testers for more exploratory testing.