30 Days of DevOps Day 13: Misconceptions

Day 13 of 30 Days of DevOps is all about misconceptions:

Share a misconception about ‘DevOps’ and your thoughts on it.

What misconception have you chosen?

That somehow you can “buy” DevOps.

If you buy the right tools, release all the time, use the right languages… then you’re “doing DevOps”, right?

Nope. The honest reflections, continuous improvements, automating away the tedious and repetitive – seeing DevOps as a more human-centric approach to software development and release, that’s much more important than the products you buy as an organization with the intent to get you magically to DevOps.

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That you can solve process problems with purely technical solutions.

No chance. It’s people and process first and then using tools and tech to enable those people.

I realise that this can apply to any area of tech really.


Even leading practitioners at DevOps conferences struggle to define “DevOps” so I think that leads to a lot of misconceptions. Anytime I hear someone has a “DevOps team” or “DevOps engineers”, it raises alarm bells. It’s good to have those to help the team build a DevOps culture and learn practices that help with things like continuous delivery. But creating yet another silo and calling it DevOps is an anti-pattern.


From Twitter I found

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