30 Days of DevOps Day 18: How DevOps Impacts the Role of Testing and QA

Just past the halfway point of 30 Days of DevOps :muscle:

Today we’re asked to:

Contribute to the discussion on how ‘DevOps’ impacts the role of testing and QA.

So, how do you think DevOps impacts the role of testing?

In my experience Devops helps breakdown the silos between the development and the ‘Real World’

The changes to prod environments are known about and can be tried out first on test environments.

You get access to the largest testing community for your application A.K.A Users and can feedback on what they are doing and finding into future rounds of testing.


It means we need to change our mindset.

We need to work with the team to help enable continuous delivery. Testing in production through A/B tests, canary launches or dark launches and using metrics is a good thing. It allows us to provide value to our customers quicker.

We should utilise the tools and techniques other team members are using to our advantage. Are developers able to create environments in containers easily? We should do that too to allow us to test.

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It also means we potentially need to expand what we’re testing. If we’re using infrastructure as code, do we need to begin to test that too? What’s the risk if we don’t?

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I’ve been in this situation, automating infrastructure, and I definitely had tests for that (unit and system tests). These were really useful when moving ahead through several OS LTS versions, for instance migrating from Ubuntu 16.04 to Ubuntu 18.04.

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I might be a bit late… but this question brings to my mind Angie Jones’ keynote at European Testing Conference in 2018. She was talking about a situation in which devs were not providing support for some endpoints that would have made testers’ life much easier and at the same time it would enabled a complete new bunch of test scenarios.

DevOps has a great impact, because it’s about collaboration. In the teams were devops is really a thing, I see this pattern.

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