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(Dominic) #1

I’m a terrible blogger, my blog was last updated shortly after the second sack of Rome and I am ashamed.
But today an idea came to me: A blogging club.

I’d like to put out a blog once every fortnight, and I’d like you to write with me! If you’re having trouble getting a blog together or finding topics, this might be the motivation you need.

My plan is to decide as a group a general overarching topic for the next blog post and we all commit to putting it together in two weeks. Half way through the two weeks, we start deciding the next topic and so it continues. When the two weeks are up, we share the articles and discuss them, commenting etc as available.

My idea is to have the ideas be broad enough that we can all work to them (for example not everyone can blog about mobile testing, because we don’t all do that), but specific enough that the theme can be carried through several blogs.

I’d like to start this on 2018-05-01, with a first publishing date of 2018-05-13.

If enough people join in, I’d like to get a slack channel devoted to it :slight_smile:

My first idea for a topic is “technical tip that every tester should know”

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(Adam) #2

Count me in, except I’m on holiday that first publishing cycle :sunny:. Afterwards, definitely!

(Matyas) #3

I’d be up for this too. Shall we keep track of the set of blog posts for each “publishing” in one place so we can also refer readers to other posts?

(Dominic) #4

@flipbit That sounds like a good idea, we could probably post them to a thread each week, or set up an RSS with links to them all or something.

Also we have a channel now on the MoT slack #bloggers-club!

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(Daniel) #5

I will be up for this, especially as a new version of my site www.thetestdoctor.co.uk should be up and running by then.

(Joe) #6

Great idea @dominickua! I’m in!

(Simon Godfrey) #7

If anyone would like help and support with blogging I am happy to help. Advice for how to start, keep going, getting views on your content etc. Likewise with video and any other branding via social media.

(Dominic) #8

This is a prospective rules list/description, feel free to throw PRs against it.

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(Heather) #9

I could set up a category here on the Club for it. Similar to the book Club and then it could be split into threads if you like within that category? :smile:

(Dominic) #10

That sounds like a great idea @heather_reid, it’ll give us somewhere to point people at!

(Andrea) #11

Yes, I would like to try this!

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(Jesper) #12

but why purple ? :thinking:

(prakriti) #13

I am one of those who wants to get into the habit of blogging, this sounds like a great idea to get into the flow :slight_smile: count me in as well !

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(Heather) #14

Done and edited this post to be moved to that category @dominickua :slight_smile:

(Dominic) #15

We’ve got a week to go until we kick off! Any other topics people would like to put forward before we start writing then?

(Joe) #16

I put together some thoughts on your first suggestion. Happy to write about something else though!

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(Joe) #17

Blog ready for 1 May post: check!

(Dominic) #18

Well we don’t publish until 2018-05-13 so I’ll be writing from tomorrow.

I will make a new post for the fortnight’s topic and for people to post their drafts for review and generally chat about the topic!

(Joe) #19

My misunderstanding! Looking forward to the topic!

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(Ben) #20

I am in and hopefully this will help me get back in the game.