A problem of, too much milk

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OK, so here goes:
Local milk-delivery company rep comes to the door two weeks ago. But I was in a meeting so my wife answers.
Context: We NEVER run out of milk, we get it as part of our weekly shop, and if we ever did run out, local shop is less than 10 mins walk away
So she agrees to start a "trial".. that turns out to be fully subscribed to 3 pint bottles, 3 times a week. That is 9 bottles a week!
More Context: We didn't realise how much we had agreed to get, and how often. So we still got our normal milk from the supermarket delivery
So, as of this morning I had 3 fresh bottles of milk, and the last 3 bottles delivered Wednesday (6 total)... and still 2+ liters left of supermarket filtered milk that lasts ages...

But we NEVER run out of milk...

Anyway I've rung them and cancelled mondays delivery and got them to cut down the number to be delivered. The milk actually tastes way better than the supermarket stuff. and it's a local company... so not actually going to cancel.

Of course this isn’t the whole story, I also spent some time giving my wife a hard time for subscribing in the first place, especially by a front-door cold call. This was, of course, an error in my judgment and I apologised.

Also, because I was hanging on to the “it’s your fault” mental block, it took me over a week to fix it, because my wife didn’t want to call them up (because she hates phone calls). And I could have just canceled or adjust things after the first day, but I didn’t, until almost 2 weeks later.

Because, we are all just human.


A bit out of context: I was actually interested in ChatGPT’s answer if I just copy-pasted your story in there. But I totally agree XD

It sounds like you had a misunderstanding with the local milk delivery company, but you were able to resolve the issue by speaking with them and reducing the amount of milk you receive. It’s great that you are supporting a local company and that the milk tastes better than the supermarket variety. Enjoy your locally sourced milk!


Hahaha a very apt summary of the content of the story, while sort of missing the emotion and intent all together. Excellent, thanks for sharing.


We have a general household rule that we do not buy anything from anyone who comes to our door, regardless of product or circumstances.

It just encourages people to think this is a viable business model, which then drives more people to my door.


I thought, that this was also our agreed general household rule. Apparently this was my personal rule, and my wife did not agree.

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We made a similar switch with our milk and I remember a few months ago our order was much larger and we were away for a couple of days meaning that we had about 6 pints of milk to use in about 24 hours. >_<

Thankfully I’ve learnt that with ours we can change stuff online easily.


Whoops!! I haven’t hadn’t had to throw much milk out yet…


I think we’ve all been the victim of a hard sell. I know I have. And these things often are sold with the guise of ‘simple to walk away from’ but actually isn’t. I know even Audible does this ‘free trial if you sign up and easy to cancel… but you must be on a web-browser, not the app… then we’ll ask you to authenticate with you password… and a token… then the panel will be confusing… then when you select to quit, we’ll ask “are you sure?”.’

I on some of the critical thinking courses I’ve done there is a whole strategy to this kind of sale.