A Smart City Is an Accessible City

A link shared in the accessibility channel of Testers.Chat recently piqued my interest. The title was “A Smart City Is an Accessible City” and went on to describe how a group in Nashville hosted an accessibility “map-a-thon”. This event was to help crowdsource accessibility information about different business and buildings to create an accessibility map for people living in or visiting the area who may have different accessibility needs.

The full article is

Another member of the Slack group said that an accessibility map-a-thon had happened in the Netherlands in October of this year. I was unable to find a link to the event (my Google skills fail me) but it got me thinking about these events generally.

Has anyone been involved in these types of events? How easy/difficult is it to get involved? I’d also be interested in any stories from people who have used this crowdsourced data. Have you found cities have had better/worse data?