About the Contribute category

Welcome to the ‘Contribute’ area on The Club. This is where we share upcoming content that we would like to create with the Testing Community.

We are always looking to work with people to create Articles, Podcasts, Webinars and Courses so we use this area to:

  • Share what we’re hoping to create in the coming months
  • What our expectations are for the content
  • How much we will pay you for the work

If you’re interested in contributing, take some time to look through the items in the category that is regularly updated with new requests. If one of the requests is of interest to you, drop a reply before the deadline expressing your interest.

Please note: This is a new approach to content curation and will evolve over time so please be patient with us if you’re not successful with working with us on content.

I have an idea that isn’t listed here

Great! Whilst we have a roadmap of what we want to create, we always want to hear about new ideas and make space for them. If you have something that you would like to work on. Get in touch with me at mark@ministryoftesting.com