About the Essentials Online 01 - Intro to software dev category

Welcome to the Introduction to Software Development course, part of the Essentials Online learning pathway. Starting out in testing can be a challenge, not only do we need to learn the necessary skills and knowledge to be a tester but we also have to understand how it fits into the wider context of Software development. There are many processes, activities and roles to take in and that’s what this course will help you with. This course gives you both an introduction to Software development and testing to help give you:

  • The ability to use terms that relate specifically to software development and testing to talk to others
  • A basic understanding of roles, process and activities in software development
  • A grounding in what the purpose of software testing is
  • An appreciation for the skills and knowledge a tester needs to succeed in software development
  • A starting point in your learning journey in software testing

So if you’re are starting out as a tester. Come join us as we explore Software development and testing together and begin your learning journey into testing.

To get started with the course head over to the Dojo here.