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(Heather) #1

Introduce yourself to others here on the Club :slight_smile: What would you like to learn? What are the areas of software testing and technology that you’re currently interested in?

This category is solely for the purpose of introducing yourself. If you’re working on a cool project, you can share that in the Cool Projects category. We also have a how to section to help you with writing your first post.

(satveer) #3

Hi everyone,
I just got this link yesterday while I was looking for some knowledge about testing . I think it is very good place to learn and discuss about the testing environment . I have started my QA career recently . Please give me suggestions how can I perform well . I am working on manual testing on ecommerce websites .

(Shi Ling) #4

Hey satveer, welcome!

Well, for beginners, the most important thing you need to know about testing is:

The art of giving good feedback

Nobody likes being told that they have failed. Give good feedback, and that is feedback that is:

  1. Professional - No swearing, no insults, no “your shit sucks”, or “don’t you have common sense”.
  2. Detailed - If you have already done the work of producing an error in the system, save your engineer the the trouble of guessing and coming back to you to ask you how you produced the error. Document it and tell your engineers how you produced the error - what was the environment (devices/browser/version) and what are the steps you did? Your engineers will thank you for it.

That’s it!

Another thing I really love about good QAs is having a friendly rivalry with them. Makes my day when my QA tells me, “Congrats! I didn’t find a bug in your new feature this round!”. That’s also good feedback. :smiley:

The second most important trait of being a QA is to be … evil. Be the most rotten user ever, and do every stupid thing you can think of to break the application.

(satveer) #5

Thank you so much Shiling . this would be very helpful for me . I will focus on these tips . Thanks again .
Give me more suggestions I would be more than happy

(satveer) #6

Hi Shiling ,

Thank you so much for your email. I would appreciate that you replied to my query. If you don’t mind Please Could you help me to recommend some video screenshot tools that would be great .



(Shi Ling) #7

I use QuckTime Player to do screen recordings on my Mac, it’s really easy to use. I’m afraid I’m a quite out of touch with Windows, but it seems Windows 10 comes with screen recording tool called GameDVR (which you might guess its for recording gaming videos, but technically works on any application).

(satveer) #8

Oh Great Thank you so much . I will try this one for sure and keep sending me the tips and tricks for QA people .

Thanks again


(Sarah) #11

Hello Everyone,

Just new to this community. Hope to get better knowledge onwards.