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Are you looking for help with your software testing learning? Do you need a mentor? A coach? Advice on where to look? Do you need help learning to learn?

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Hi Heather, Hope you’re well? I looking to change my career to QA , where should I begin ? Thanks Umer

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Hi @umerfarooq1982,

There are 2 excellent resources (free) on our website to help you get started.

I wrote the first one after my own experience getting into testing. It’s a step by step guide to take you through from where to start right up to more specialist areas like security and automation.

Software Testing Essentials is also a free online course to help you understand the essential aspects of software testing. There is a whole category here on The Club where you can participate in the exercises and ask questions.

Finally, depending on exactly what you want to explore, we have a Club thread here Club Posts To Help You Get Started With Software Testing And QA, which will help you to explore other areas of software testing.

It can feel overwhelming as a beginner but there is a huge community here ready and willing to support you through this journey so don’t be afraid to ask questions :slight_smile: