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Are you apple or android? Android all the way!!!

Are you having difficulties with your mobile testing? Not sure whether to use emulators, simulators or real devices?

If it’s mobile, it goes… :smiley: I’ll stick to testing.

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Hello @friendlytester

Currently i’m working on both Android & IOS devices.

Here i’m facing some problems.

  1. We will download build from the APP centre
  2. If there is any crash happening on APP, where can we have track and logs will store?
  3. How to share video & image while raising an issues.

Hey @subbu,

  1. Not sure what you mean by number 1.
  2. You can get the logs using Android Debugger Bridge on Android, or via XCode on iOS. We installed an SDK such a HockeyApp or equivalents, been a while since I worked in mobile, I’m not sure on the latest tools.
  3. You can record on Android using the command ADB Record, and on iOS you can use Quicktime if you have a macbook.

My advise is to ask specific questions in this category, or join the Ministry of Testing Slack and ask in the MobileTesting channel.