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(Heather) #1

All discussions about our annual software testing conference, workshops and training for TestBash Australia.

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(Kim) #2

Bags packed :white_check_mark:

Plane Tickets :white_check_mark:

Hotel booked :white_check_mark:

Ticket Brought :white_check_mark:

Just waiting for October to come along and I hope to meet as many fellow testers as possible while I am down there.

(Anne-Marie Charrett) #4

So thats what the delete button does :joy:

(Chris) #5

Am stoked to attend this - my first (in person) testers conference! Have been hearing the buzz word “Quality Champions” thrown around at my work lately; as I’m still trying to process what that actually means I’m quite keen to listen to Georgia De Pont, Michele Playfair and Peter Bartlett’s talks, as they seem to cover a bit of what I’m hearing. That said, I’m excited by all the talks! Hopefully I don’t run out of energy by lunch and crash in the afternoon… :stuck_out_tongue:)

(Kim) #6

Chris wondering how you went at the conference. I don’t think we got to meet up or did we??? Way too many people but it was awesome I thought.

(Chris) #7

Hi Kim, I loved it! I’ve made the decision to move out of a Dev role to a specific Testers position and there is some thoughts (by others) that it’s a backward step. But listening to so many passionate speakers I am so encouraged by the possibilities and opportunities. I am definitely going to see if we can try something like Test Reps (which Georgia talked about) at my work as we also follow a similar team model (nations > tribes > crews)

No, I don’t think we actually met (or if we did I apologise as sometimes it’s overwhelming the number of people you try to talk with - especially with an introverted personality like myself). I saw you had put a call to meet on Thursday but unfortunately I couldn’t make times outside the actual conference (not even the drinks on Friday night - boo!)

Can’t go to many conferences (especially outside of Sydney) but I do like online meetings; happy to make contacts that way as well.

(Kim) #8

Awesome Chris sounds like you got some really good takeaways.