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The Circus activities that have taken place at TestBash are available on The Dojo!

Hi Heather,

Do you know if anyone is talking about running a Circus at the Sydney Australia bash this year?

cheers K

Hello Kim,

Not next year. We always start lean when adding a new location, because we don’t know if Australia wants a TB. So if we stay lean it reduces the risk. So we’ll just have the one day conference and meetups next year, and if Australia warms to TB, we can add more in 2019.
So any help spreading the word would be greatly appreciated :smiley:

Hey Richard,

Absolutely I am on it about spreading the word.
Brisbane is becoming a real force to be noticed in the tech world and I am sure people from up here will want to attend down in Sydney.
I am hoping the crowd over in NZ are made aware as it’s not that costly to jump a plane to get here from Auckland.
Really stoked TB is coming to OZ

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