Accessibility guidance for Back End Devs?

I am part of a group of employees who are setting up an accessibility champions programme in the organisation we work for.

After procuring and running some introductory training we are piecing together a succinct selection of more dedicated training and information pieces for individual disciplines and areas of the business.

It struct me that nearly all of Web Accessibility training comes from a Front end point of view and I wondered if there were specific things that back end developers should be considering.

I found a web link which talks about this a little. I quite like the post by Alvaro Montoro but I was wondering if anyone has any other experience or knowledge of information where back end development can add to the Accessibility of a product?

Many Thanks,


I took a course from TaU recently on accessibility testing, it might be more front-end oriented, but it might give you some additional insight on what can be tested: