Accessibility - unit testing approaches?

I know there’s plenty of tools out there to look at a fully available web page for accessibility issues, but what about for doing earlier unit testing?

The application I’m testing involves Angular and the current unit tests are written using Jest in Typescript.

I’ve tried out axe-core at the unit level but that is reporting back some false errors due to common page elements being stored elsewhere (e.g. where the language of the page is set). I think part of the problem is due to the Jest tests running in headless Chrome without a proper DOM, which I think axe-core needs…

Has anyone tried out jest-axe? Or is there another tool that might be more useful? I’m ideally looking for something where I can run a series of checks against elements on a page and get accessibility issues reported back.

If there’s no suitable tool, I’m thinking the better approach at the unit level would be to focus specifically on certain accessibility tests (e.g. the setting of ARIA attributes) in a manner where you don’t use a separate tool to help (e.g. axe)? And then axe comes in later when you have the rendered pages available?