Activity 4.2 - Run a requirements testing session

Time: 3 hours. 1 hour to setup a testing session, 1 hour to run the session, 1 hour to write up a report

Purpose: This activity is focused on you setting up and running a collaborative testing session and then enabling you to reflect on how it went and the value of such a session.

Testing requirements and ideas is an activity that is most successful when done as a team. The different roles, knowledge and perspectives each team member provides is a wealth of information for you to utilise when testing requirements or ideas.

Additionally, when running this activity together you create fast feedback loops in which you can present a question and get an answer quickly which is then shared across the whole team. This results in a better shared understanding of what we want to deliver.

Introduction: This activity requires you to work with your team to organise a time in which you can sit down and run a requirements testing session. As you work one when and how you are going to run your session, consider the following:

  • Requirements testing sessions can be run as part of wider planning sessions. If you already have activities that have the team discussing requirements and ideas, suggest the team does requirements testing as part of those activities.
  • Different perspectives are great but you don’t necessarily need everyone at a session. Focus on getting a mix of roles, a dev, a B.A., a product owner, a designer, etc. It’s ok if not everyone wants to get involved, work with those who are engaged with the activity.

Task: Once planned, run your requirements testing session with your team, utilising the techniques and tools you have learnt to encourage the team to question upcoming requirements and ideas. As the session progresses take notes of anything that was captured or raised during the session.

After the session is complete, write a brief report on The Club sharing with us details such as:

  • What you covered
  • How you felt the session went?
  • What value do you feel was delivered?
  • What was challenging?
  • What techniques did you use?

We will then discuss in further detail the experience at the next Essentials session.