Alternative career

Just a random thought for a Thursday.

If you were to give up software testing, what career would your alternative career be?

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@sheymouse I would like to teach others who come from a disadvantaged background or elderly people technical confidence. I believe strongly in learning has the power to set you free from so many things and that is one thing we can control … How much we are willing to learn and apply.

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Rock and roll band, teaching, philanthropy, police detective


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I want to research and start something around unschooling.

Become a trainer/teacher or, another interest, find a job in sustainable energy

Retired seems like a good job
When I stop testing I will do that


Running my own gaming store.

I managed one for a couple of years, but having the freedom to do exactly what I want, doing social media, running events, etc., would be great. Shame the money is horrible!


Cool @nielst! I’ve thought about moving into testing of control systems for sustainable energy!



I’d probably switch to something like game development or design.

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That’s quite varied! :slight_smile: Curious to know story/stories behind them.

Photography storytelling. Give a voice.
Pure, simple and raw.

I still have ambitions to write a few more books.

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If I only have the resources that I have now…Research.
If I have the chance to train (study) for something completely different… Psychology
If I had won a lottery and could do anything I wanted… Write.

…and finish those that I have started!

I have a few business ideas that need building on:

  • An online service for people to crowdfund cleaning & maintenance for roads they use

  • Growing wasabi

  • Manufacturing ketchup/bbq sauce

There are so many possibilities. I like Kimberley’s idea of becoming a teacher. Helping those who come from a disadvantage background. But I do that already, from time to time, because my company encourages us to do this.

I like the idea of teaching people who normally could not afford it, how to scuba dive.

I know whatever I do, it will most likely be sharing what I know with others.

Hey Joe,
That’s great! Sadly the dutch political culture makes it hard/difficult/challenging to drive serious business. Though I’m still reading about developments around this, and follow companies like Vesta (wind energy) e.a.
Also other sustainability topics like electric transportation is in scope :slight_smile: but very rare here.

Making mead - just doing that!

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Something related to coaching, teaching or educating
Or something related to writing that is related to the above

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If I didn’t have to take income into consideration, I would be a barista.