Alternative career

This actually has just happened to me. I quit being a QA Architect to become a product owner/manager. Why would I ever leave the wonderful world of testing…and not become a developer instead :wink: I have already worked as a half-stack developer. What led me into doing product? I want to drive big important changes and the only way this is going to happen is if i’m given the reins. Also PO/PM is QA in disguise if anything is broken it’s on me anyhow unless I find a talented QA to help me :wink: .


If not testing hmmm. I have a double teaching degree in English and Polish, but I don’t live in Poland anymore and I’m not planning to get back, ever. I wanted to be a writer, when I was little, or a journalist. But sometimes I think that working in Starbucks would be fun too :slight_smile:

zoologist…work with monkeys…

I’d love to be able to have bookshop/coffeebar/gaming store, where I could alternate between klatching with the customers about good books or gaming systems, building and/or painting miniatures and models for games, and providing decent coffee/tea/snacks to go with the above, as well as a friendly atmosphere for games. In any spare time, I’d be writing one of the many books in my skull, alongside a decent set of rules.
Unfortunately the money in any of these is not worth dropping out of my current job.

I thought I already did… oh, wait. Those are the internal customers…

Also PO/PM is QA in disguise

I like this!

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Artist, Roller derby coach, or environmental consultant.

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