AltWalker Vs GraphWalker what is the difference?

Is Altwalker just a port of GraphWalker?
I have been reading online and they seem so similar, I can’t work out if they the same, or if one is a superset of the other.
Thank you!


TL;DR: AltWalker is a wrapper for GraphWalker that adds support for running tests written in Python and C#/.Net.

GraphWalker is an Model-Based Testing tool. It reads models in the shape of directed graphs, generates (tests) paths from these graphs and supports running tests written in Java.

AltWalker is a test runner that uses GraphWalker for path generation and adds support for generating and running tests written in python3 and C#/.NET with the option of adding support for other languages (by writing your own executor). Because it uses GraphWalker they both have in common: the model format, the generators and the stop conditions.