Anyone done the AST Foundations course?

Just wondering if anyone has done the above course of if anyone has heard anything about it?

Hello Steven!

I took this course a while back and thought it was a great introduction to testing, the terminology, and concepts. I highly recommend it for every tester. You can also find the same course and material at the BBST site here.

I also recommend the other BBST courses for every tester (developers can benefit as well)! My favorite was Bug Advocacy.


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Hi Steven,

I had taken the foundation course 2-3 years before. I liked this course. You are assigned a mentor and you need to complete the assigned reading and videos. In a forum you can introduce yourself and also you can submit your work. During the course a mentor keeps in touch with you via email and he keeps providing useful information or clarifies doubt if required.

Though I liked this course, some instructor lead online sessions would have been great add on which is missing in this case. Also the communication is mostly via email or forum.

Anurag K

Hi @mcds01,

I took this course a few years ago. I don’t regret it at all but there are some points I would let others know in advance before taking it:

  • You will get randomly paired with others on the course to complete tasks. Not all of them will show up so be prepared for that.
  • This is very time consuming to try to fit in around a full-time job. I found it almost impossible. I was doing it in my lunch breaks, on the train and then again at home in the evenings. Some of that does fall back to the first point, team members not showing up so having to do their part of the project.
  • I found the online format good because I could log in when it suited me during the week (although there is a Wednesday and Sunday goal per week to submit work).
  • The mentors are really helpful and pretty easy to get in touch with.
  • To this day I’m still using approaches that I learned in the course so I would say it gave me a very good grounding.
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