App centre builds vs android studio and Xcode builds

What’s the difference between getting a build from app centre and checking Out a branch then building it from android studio or Xcode?

You mean the Visual studio suite? Well firstly I assume it uses Xcode to do any IOS build anyway, so it would surely only build those on a mac? I’m assuming the build scripts are completely different for starters anyway, so getting the “same” binary is not even going to be a option once you bring in sub-repos and 3rd party stacks.

I get my team to build me 4 binaries for a platform. It’s the combined set of

  • Binaries for “public-release” profile, IE with no test hooks,
  • Binaries for testing, with for example hooks and logging enabled.
  • and then each with debug compiler “profile” and
  • without debug compiler profile.
    It may even be needed to “compile in” or bake in app settings for your internal and external test environments/provisioning profiles (IOS has sandbox issues). I normally use 3 build artifacts on Android and 5 different binaries on IOS (I wanted a notarized binary for any RC candidate builds.)
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