Apple and the app store submission is driving me nuts

Please tell me someone else here publish a mobile app to the Apple store. Any clues on how to not develop a serious case of alcoholism appreciated from anyone who actually goes through the submission step without using a 3rd party but by following the app store console steps?


I’m a clueless berk when it comes to Apple, but, I do know a few iOS devs - I’ll ask around.

Solved. Mainly because as an OPS person you don’t always know what all the terms mean.

  1. When Apple say upload the app archive, they don’t mean upload the .ipa file (which is technically an archive) they mean upload the entire build output metadata folder as a zip.
  2. When you upload a “zip” file, not only the ipa, and then find an error in it because the upload validation tells you something is wrong, and re-upload the correct file after you fixed a build parameter, apple will not overwrite the old file. You must increment the build number, build again, and upload a brand new build number. Incorrectly uploaded files stay there forever to haunt you.
  3. When you finally have all the right files apple will magically know which app you have pushed up and associate it with your release ready to pick. When you don’t expect magic stuff, they do it. Note you can do the upload from Transporter or from xcode, same magic, but it’s not obvious.
  4. Read the emails - every time you screw up apple send an email with a cryptic message that in hindsight hints directly at the error, much like a clang compiler does. So get access to the mailbox so you can find these hints.

Be patient as usual, mostly with yourself.

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