Artwork for each meeting

We have the first MoT Eindhoven meetup next month \o/
I’m planning two meetups ahead about places to host and speakers. The first one will be on November 11.

Do you guys usually create artwork for each meetup?
I’d like to create one for each to share on social media, but I don’t know if there’s someone who can help me with that or guide me to get some images.


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Hi Elias, at Leeds we just use the standard MoT Meetup logo. We have never looked to get specific artwork for any of the events but it sounds cool if you do.
Have you thought of reaching out to any artistic testers who might like to help?
Good luck.

There are some “graphic recorders” around that can boost your meetings/conferences, but that’s certainly quite costly to hire. See <this sample article>.

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Congrats! Here’s what we have used as starting slides.
1 MoT CPH.pdf (254.4 KB)

I see you have gotten the MoT Eindhoven already on meetup.

All the best

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Thanks, @jesper.
I’ll improve the slide you’ve sent and share it after :slight_smile:

Thanks, @adystokes.
I’ve created one to share on social media. I’ll try to improve this showing more details or, at least, the speaker face :sweat_smile:

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@elias.nogueira looks great!