Ask Me Anything: Mobile Testing

Tonight we had Daniel Knott the latest Ask Me Anything all about Mobile Testing. Thanks to @dnlknott for a great session.

I’ll share the resources below that I was able to catch on the night. If I missed a resource or you have another question you’d like to ask, please share it on this thread.

If you missed the live session, a recording will be available on the Dojo .

I’d like to understand if anyone’s had experience of using Katalon for testing of iOS and Android mobile apps. I have just started to explore this tool but would be interest to know advantages/disadvantages of Katalon compared to other testing tools.

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Hi Julie,
so far I never used Katalon to test mobile apps. I only read about it. Therefore, I can’t answer your question but maybe somebody from the community can help you.


Hey! What are the most fast wins with native mobile application security, which tests manually and which automated migrated to CI? Interested to find ways to make automated security tests in mobile development! Thank you!

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Hello All,

where to find the log files on physical mobile devices if there is any crash happening while doing our testing.

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Hi Pekka,
for some quick wins take a look at this I guess you will find many practical tips to perform. As mentioned already in the AMA session, I highly recommend to get help from security experts in order to cover more possible security leaks in the own product.

Hi Subbu,

if you connect your testing device to your computer you can get access to the logs either via Android Studio or XCode.

Take a look at the example provided by Google using the tool adb

and here find some information about logging of iOS apps

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Hi @dnlknott

Thanks for the info… will explore more on that…

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