Ask Me Anything: Modern Testing

Tonights “Ask Me Anything” webinar comes from the only TestBash Brighton speaker to have his video subtitles returned with the title “Explicit” added to them! At TestBash, @angryweasel spoke about Experiences in Modern Testing.

If you would like to familiarise yourself with the Modern Testing Principles that Alan and @brentmjensen have written you can do so on the Dojo, the AB Testing Website or the AB Testing Podcast for some deep dives into the principles.

Alan has kindly agreed to continue answering questions here should there be ones we don’t get to or people catching up later. So software testers, QA folk and others interested in these principles, what questions would you like to ask?


Books Alan has written that @testerfromleic mentioned in the beginning:

Some resources mentioned throughout:

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This is another one I jotted down for my reading list that came up in the same breadth as The Phoenix Project