Automation of React Native mobile app

Greetings all!

On our project, we have a mobile app - React Native app which runs on both iOS and Android.
We are thinking of starting to Automate it.
On web automation we are using C#, Selenium, Specflow and CucumberStudio.

Personally do not have any experience with mobile automation, so wanna hear your thoughts on it?
Have been reading a bit about Xamarin.UITest since it is also using C# and if I read it correctly, those tests should be ran for both Android and iOS app (plus it also has integration with AppCenter where we are building our apps)

What is your experience with automating mobile app?
Especially React Native Mobile App where same app is being build for iOS and Android?
What are the best used tool?
Gherkin and CucumberStudio integration is a must for us.
We prefer C# as language but if something is much better, we can try to adapt.

Thank you for answers!


@pavluka - You can try and list a few tools and make a spreadsheet like in the other post. Just replace the Web tools with what you want to use.

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Hi @pavluka , we use Detox. I would highly recommend using it.
Since it has been few months, do share which tools you finally settle for.

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