Automation tool to test data governance and privacy

Does anyone know any automation tool to test data governance and privacy to run on data stored on Databricks/AWS.

Tests that could validate the permissions of users logging into Databricks, they should only access data they are permitted to view/access/download etc.

My company are looking to implement Immuta to define the data governance and data privacy. As a testers I would like to know if any open source automation tools exists that could help me regression test 100s of user permissions.


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Those are tests that you can write yourself, a tool cannot know if you have permission or not to a certain endpoint. So if you don’t have access to page X , you call page X and see that you get a 403 HTTP Code.


Thanks Kirstof, yes that is the last resort if no tools available. Was looking for an automation tool that could integrate well with Immuta, Collibra, Databricks, AWS rather than reinventing the wheel.

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