Automation tools- does anyone out there use FlaUI (formerly white)?


I’ve not been on here for a long time and was having a route around when I came across the list of automation tools. I have been working on automation testing of an excel vsto recently and got it working (to a fashion) with FlaUI. Just interested to see if others have used this tool and if there’s anything better out there that someone would recommend?

thanks for reading.


I looked at FlaUI a while ago, but I’d have to look at my work notes to tell you what my initial impressions were at the time.

I’m currently using TestComplete for a work project, but I can only really recommend that if your company will pay for it…it’s very expensive.

Yeah, we looked at TestComplete but the cost far out weighed the benefit at the time. In fairness, I have managed to get a working solution together. It may have involved writing some vba and my own function for the assertion but it does the trick.

My only concern has been the seemingly limited amount of users using it. There doesn’t appear to be much support out there so what I’ve learnt has pretty much been self taught.

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Yeah, TestComplete is probably best for a larger organization, especially one that needs support for it.

If you mean that support for TestComplete, yeah, the users are fairly limited, and you mostly have to go onto the SmartBear forums themselves to get any good responses.

I will say that their tech support has been pretty quick in the past, which is a big point in their favor for how much you pay.