Best and free Link Checker tool

Can anyone please suggest me a good and possibly free tool for Scraping all links on some domain and checking the response for all the links found?

Have found this site which lists “Top Link Checker” so am trying those out at the moment, but your input and experience will be of big help.

Would like to write my own script with Puppeteer that would be doing this but am short on time (and knowledge) at the moment so any tips about it, or documentation would be of big help as well.
Believe I understand logic behind it and how to do deep levels as well, but my programming experience is a bit rusty and limited to write it myself currently.

Thank you very much in advance!

Hi @pavluka

Please have a look into this.

Thank you very much, will check it out!

By your experience, do you know does it really check the whole domain or just current page?
How accurate is it?