Bloggers Club August/September 2020: I Wish I Knew More About

I’m loving the responses to this new Bloggers Club format :star_struck:

This month, the topic for the Bloggers Club is

I wish I knew more about…

The blog can be as short or as long as you want it to be.

How to get involved?

  • Write a blog on the above topic before September 17th :writing_hand:
  • Share a link to the blog here :eyes:
  • Receive lots of love from the community :heart:

Here’s my entry for this month. I wish I knew more about… everything!


Thanks for inspiring me :thought_balloon: Here’s my story!


Here’s my entry for this month.

I wish I knew more about quantum computing, which explodes my mind, and means I also wish I knew more about matrices and complex probability. As far as I can see, testing it is a barrel of laughs / world of pain, because it seems that correct code will produce incorrect results some of the time - it’s all probability. So I wish I also knew more about significance levels and other stats things.


Definitely! I never feel like I know enough so I comfort myself with knowing that I know where to look for what I don’t know and that’s half the battle :grin:

Really enjoyed reading this @mihaela.sfat! I’ve been struggling with prioritisation for a while now and just when I think I’ve got it, something pops up and surprises me.

I’m going to have to read this a few times :sweat_smile: There’s a lot to digest but I love how detailed you’ve been and the inclusion of resources.

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Not only does it force you to think about coding in a new way, it forces you to think about testing in a new way. Both new ways seemed hard to me. I hope you don’t get mental indigestion.


I’ve done it!!!


Blogged. I wish I knew more about…

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Love this idea! Here’s mine:


Loved this, thankyou for writing!

Love the approach you’ve taken here @pmichielsen :slight_smile: It’s interesting to see how you approach getting to know more about something!

“Testing is like an ocean.” very much so @srinivasskc :sweat_smile:

It sounds like you have the skill set that a lot of users of our products have, that’s rare and very valuable in testing I think :wink: I’m looking forward to hearing about your journey on cs50, there are quite a few people here and on our Slack group that have taken the course :slight_smile:

Just wrote my first post for the Bloggers Club :slight_smile:

I wish I knew more about Git and Source Control.


Excellent! Is it this course you’re taking from Simon?

Was actually eyeing up another one, but I’m definitely keen for this one!

Thanks for drawing my attention to it.


“I wish I new more about”. That is actually a lot of things :slightly_smiling_face:


A few days late, but here is my blog post: