Bringing automation into a company for the first time - would you use AI?

A question that popped up on our Slack group some time ago caused me to ponder a lot so I thought I’d share it here to get some views.

For someone who is bringing automation to the company for the first time - would you recommend going down the AI/Machine Learning route at this point in time? Or is it better to go with what is currently established/well supported right now?

oh, to me I would still be carefull with AI/ML, unless in very specific technical scenarios. Like element location, big data analysis. β€œlow” level stuff.

No AI/ML if it has to do with people or evaluating which services they should have… [deleted long rant].

Use existing and well supported tools and processes for all the things you need as pervasive as tap water, and built only in house what really really sets you apart.



Love this! :joy:

I agree, I guess for any tool (AI/ML included) you have to be using it for what it’s designed for, its strengths so to speak and consider if an alternative tool might be better for particular use cases.

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