Build a high quality pizza activity

To get the ball rolling on discussing what quality is, how do we define or measure it and how do we understand it we’re starting with a fun activity: building the perfect pizza!

By working together to design a high-quality pizza we’ll learn about how people’s opinions on what makes a ‘perfect pizza’ and how they are likely to differ.


In your groups:

  • Write down the attributes that make a high-quality pizza
  • Consider attributes like:
    • Types of toppings
    • Type of base
    • Dietary requirements

Once you’ve agreed as a group what your pizza should be, add it to this Club thread.

1. Types of toppings - we all like pineapple, onion, peppers, artichoke, oregano, chilli oil (not too spicy), gorgonzola cheese, garlic mayo as a side sauce to dip the crust in. Locally sourced produce. Price: No more than £10/€10.
2. Type of base - Square or Round? Thin and crispy. Square has slice sharing problems as you can’t divide them equality and you need to eat with a knife and fork. 12 inches round pizza.
3. Dietary requirements - vegetarian to accommodate all

Group 2’s perfect pizza:

Size = 16 inch
Base = Sourdough (thin)
Sauce = tomato (medium amount)
Toppings (VEGETARIAN) = Mushrooms, onions, artichokes, olives, oregano, cheese (shredded mozzarella) - a modest amount of each
Crust = stuffed (mozzarella)
Baked = softly baked, but with crunchy crust
Dip = NO DIP

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Group 1 Notes:

  • What attributes were considered when designing your pizza? - Dietary requirements to be suitable for all (vegetarian), to definitely have cheese. We forgot to mention tomato base as we assumed it was a given (mistake).

  • What were the similarities between your pizza and the other team’s pizza? - Being vegetarian, onions, artichokes, oregano, both decided on the size and base type and considered having dips or not.

  • What were the differences? - We’ve considered the price and where the ingredients are sourced from. They gave baking instructions and we didn’t. They prefer a bigger pizza (as they are a bigger group and Mark said he didn’t want it). They definitely didn’t forget about the tomato sauce. They didn’t specify the shape of the base.

  • Would you say that your and the other Team’s pizza has high quality and why? - Artichokes are expensive. Group 2: They have given extensive detail on how the pizza should be baked and we focused on the locally produced ingredients.

  • Why do you think there were differences between yours and the other team’s idea of a quality pizza? - Because we all have different tastes and there are a lot of options out there on how to make a pizza. We also made the mistake of assuming the pizza would have tomato sauce. What is high quality for some might not be high quality for others.