Building a community of practice within our meetup

(Bill) #1

Thinking about starting a community of practice in our meetup where we can meet (virtually) once a month maybe and discuss a topic. Initially maybe entry mid level testing for people that are in the market and looking for a job and if that works we can have an automation / agile testing etc

Anyone had experience with this in the past?

(Lee) #2

What makes it different from the meetup? As I’ve found the way they act to be very similar, except one is work based, and one is open to those outside my work.

When you say it’s for people looking for a job, it seems more like business networking, than skill networking. As if I was told I’m not suitable for a community of practice for a field I do practice, simply because I’m not looking for another job, I would be very unhappy.

(Bill) #3

Maybe I need to define this a bit better.

I’m not thinking of a work based CoP, interested in an external one with people from the meetup that want to participate. The difference from a meetup I guess it would be a smaller group and active participation vs optional passive
We get a lot of folks in our events that are currently out in the market and looking for a new role. A CoP would be a good way to help them add or improve skills

(Emna Ayadi) #4

Nice idea @billkav, to discuss different subjects and exchange our practices in testing !