Bullet Journaling for Software Testing

(Rosie) #1

I was wondering if anyone here does Bullet Journalling? And applies it do daily software testing or professional type tasks?

It has been something that I keep meaning to do in a disciplined way, but have never quite gotten there. Would love to hear what has or hasn’t worked for testers out there.

Links for info on bullet journals:

And Google ‘Bullet Journal’ for so many visual representations/images.

(Jasmin) #2

I feel like I’m always searching for ways to help me organize my thoughts and tasks. I’ve heard of bullet journalling before but haven’t tried it.

My main problem with most organizers is that I get overwhelmed with the overhead of keeping up with them. For the people who use bullet journals - how much time would you say you spend per day updating your journal?

If you’ve been doing it for a long time, what do you do with journals that you’ve filled up? Do you find you go back and reference them later?

(Rosie) #3

Not strictly bullet journalling, but I came across this approach of taking notes. So lovely and simple.

Imagine having categories related to the software you are testing? :slight_smile: