Call for Content: Ask Me Anything - 20th April 2021 - EXPIRED

Type: Ask Me Anything

What we are looking for: We’re on the lookout for someone to join us for an Ask Me Anything session around the topic of Exploratory Testing. We’ll consider anyone who is confident that they could answer questions from the community for a full hour on the topic. The audiences of our AMAs have varying experience levels with the topic as a guide to help you prepare :slight_smile:

Deadline to submit: 8th March 2021

Presentation Date: 20th April 2021 at 8pm UK time

Payment: The speaker will be paid £150 after the delivery of the session.

How to submit: Write a couple of sentences about what the topic means to you either as a reply to this thread or by sending me a private message here on The Club.

Pick me pick me!! Exploratory testing is my main passion in testing. I love doing it, and love teaching it. I’m interested in how to create better testers by teaching them how to explore, and I’m certain that we’ll need this skill even more in the future.


Alex is awesome, Simon Tomes is also another awesome person if your after two people :slight_smile:


Seconded, @simon_tomes would be a great choice, he combines passion for ET with an erudite communication style.


I can do this one heather

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I love Exploratory Testing approaches! They have been the mainstay of my testing for a long time, especially when I have been developing my skills in security. Developing those skills, supporting others in their learning, and demonstrating the value of ET has been my main focus for a long time now. Utilising many different software and thinking tools to aid that testing, as well as developing frameworks for recording and reporting that testing has been crucial to demonstrating impact and value, every day.


Star! Cheers for following up from the LinkedIn post Callum :slight_smile:

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Very much interested @heather_reid …performed exploratory testing on a number of enterprise applications.

Exploratory testing is an experience-based testing technique where test cases are not created in advance but test engineers test the application on the fly and note down the ideas about what to test. It’s more useful when there are no or poor specifications and time is severely limited. It’s an alternative to scripted testing.

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I am available on - 20th April 2021 at 8pm UK time

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Thanks, @therockertester! :blush:

Thank you so much to everyone who responded to this post :grin:

We have now found someone to fill this slot. Do keep an eye out for our next round of calls for content and for the challenges that we’ll have during our Exploratory Testing Themed week as you could make it on stage to share an experience report about solving one of the challenges.

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