Call for Content - Four articles on Communities and practise / Culture

Type: Article

What we are looking for:

We’re on the lookout for Four articles that are discussing the topic of Communities, Communities of Practise and Culture and how it applies to testing. We’re looking to hear about things such as:

  • How have you started a Community of Practise
  • How company culture impacts our testing and wider work
  • Positive experiences of good culture
  • The value or experience of being part of a community


A choice between:

  • Pro Subscription to Dojo (6 months)
  • £150 to the Author
  • £150 to the scholarship fund

Payment is made after your article has been published. You can learn more about our publishing policy here.


As stated in our publishing policy, we only accept new articles. I’m afraid we cannot republish existing work. We are not accepting agency work, promotional material or sponsored posts of any kind.

Deadline for call for content: 30th April

Deadline for publishing finished articles: 10th June

How to submit:
To submit you can either send us an article outline, or a first draft of an article. We ask that you submit Google Document link with edit access to your article outline or draft. This helps speed up the review process. You can either share your link in this thread or email us at

You can learn more about writing with us via our Writing guide


This should be an interesting topic as I am currently the VP of the QA Community of Practice in my organization.