Call for Content - One articles on the topic of Exploratory testing - EXPIRED

Type: Article

What we are looking for:

We’re on the lookout for One article that is discussing the topic of Exploratory Testing and how it applies to testing. As this a more abstract topic, we’re quite open to ideas but some examples could be:

  • Tools that are useful for exploratory testing
  • Experience reports of implementing or expanding Exploratory testing in your team/workplace
  • Note-taking approaches for exploratory testing
  • Advise for others on ET


A choice between:

  • Pro Subscription to Dojo (6 months)
  • £150 to the Author
  • £150 to the scholarship fund

‌Payment is made after your article has been published. You can learn more about our publishing policy here.


‌As stated in our publishing policy, we only accept new articles. I’m afraid we cannot republish existing work. We are not accepting agency work, promotional material or sponsored posts of any kind.

Deadline to submit: 26th February
Deadline for publication: 22nd April

How to submit:

To submit you can either send us an article outline, or a first draft of an article. We ask that you submit Google Document link with edit access to your article outline or draft. This helps speed up the review process. You can either share your link in this thread or email us at

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I did start writing a blog post about my experiences completing the accessibility challenge during automation week last year. However a mixture of writers block and concerns I was doing too much meant it got abandoned. I’ve started writing again after taking a couple of months break.

I will take a look at my notes from the challenge and what I’d written so far to see if I can get a draft or an outline together for you. See if its something you might be interested in publishing.

For the challenge, I examined various accessibility tools to see what issues I could find on the restful booker site. I think there were so many different things to talk about that I’d initially planned it to be a series of blog posts.

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Apologies to everyone who has read this, but after careful thought. We’ve decided to update the topic to Exploratory testing.

@lgibbs it sounds like your series of blog posts is a cool idea so given the change in topic, perhaps go with what you’ve initially planned. That said, if you are still interested in submitting something, please get in touch I’m sure I can find space for your article idea :slight_smile:

UPDATE - We have three article slots available

UPDATE - We have two article slots left available

I’m interested. I emailed you an outline

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UPDATE - We have one one article slot left available.

Remember, you can send either a written article or an article outline that our editors will help you develop.

Hope it’s not too late? Have emailed through a couple ideas :slight_smile:

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UPDATE: Thank you to everyone who has submitted. We have now filled all slots for this call for content.

We will have new calls for content coming soon, so be sure to regularly check back on Call for Content - The Club

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