Call to Facilitate: 99 Minute Challenges

Are you up for facilitating a 99 Minute Challenge?

Ministry of Testing has set six 99-Minute Challenges, available on the form below. Share which one or many you’d be happy to facilitate for the community.

  • Facilitating in the context of a 99 Minute Challenge means you would support participants in exploring their solution ideas to the challenge (not teach them).
  • You would lead the session and encourage people to explore the challenge and their ideas.
  • As the facilitator, you’d receive instructions in advance on how to facilitate the session.

Level up your facilitation skills

Facilitating a pre-defined challenge earns you a Bronze Medal for 99 Minute Facilitation. :3rd_place_medal:

Once you’ve achieved bronze you can go for a Silver Medal :2nd_place_medal:. All you need to do is take the pre-defined workshop you ran, evolve it into something else and facilitate the evolved version.

And once you’ve achieved silver you can go for gold! :1st_place_medal: To achieve a gold medal you can create and facilitate a whole new 99 Minute Challenge from scratch.

We aim to reduce the barrier to getting started with facilitating a challenge and hope the bronze entry helps with this.

Our ambition is to ensure this 99 Minute Challenges experiment is inclusive to all our community members so do let us know what things might not make this straightforward for you to achieve.

Payment: TBC for each level: Bronze, Silver and Gold

Register your interest and share the dates you’re available to facilitate a session

Just to clarify, there’s a difference between a 99 Minute Challenge and 99 Minute Workshop. Challenges involve facilitation and workshops involve teaching.