Call To Speak - AMA & Discussion - TestBash Mobile - 21 April

Type: Ask Me Anything and Panel Discussion

What we are looking for: We’re on the lookout for four Mobile Testing Experts to join us for an Ask Me Anything and a Panel Discussion sessions at TestBash Mobile 2022. We’re looking for one AMA and 3 Panel Discussion speakers.
This time, we’re doing it differently: instead of the MoT team picking the speakers, we want you to tell us who would you like to see at these two sessions. Do you know of anyone in the community who you think would be great to speak or would you like to put your name forward for one of these sessions?

Payment: The AMA speaker will get £150 for up to 1 hour on stage and the Panel Discussion speakers will get £100 each for up to 1 hour on stage.

Deadline to submit: 3rd of April 2022

Presentation date: 21st of April 2022

How to submit: Complete the Typeform below: