Can anyone help how we can enable the roll-up summary field in any object?

While working on objects in Salesforce I got in trouble while creating roll-up summary field, the option is disabled for the object on which I am trying to create the roll-up summary field. I appreciate if anyone help on how we can enable the roll-up summary field in any object?

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In Salesforce, roll-up summary field can only be created if the object has master-detail relationship. For creating the object as master, one need to go to setup window and select the object. The detailed steps are:

  • We will first create the master-detail relationship followed by the steps of relationship creation.
  • One thing to note that while creating the relationship, we have to select the detailed object carefully i.e child object.
  • Now, we are ready to create the roll-up summary field on the master object followed by the operation we are going to use. It may be COUNT, SUM, AVG etc.
  • In this way, we will have a roll-up summary field on our master record.

Salesforce is one of the leading CRM tool, not only popular among software development companies but also among QA service providers. Apart from Master-detail relationship, Salesforce support two more types of relationships i.e lookup relationship and junction relationship. One can choose, depending on the requirements.

Hope this information is helpful for you.