Can you add a section with youtube channels and youtube support?

I see there is a lot of information about community posts and the updates are awesome, but I did not find any section about youtube videos.

I have searched a lot in youtube to find testing channels that produce content that is really good, nice and helpfull for the testing community and I must say it is not easy to find such channels. Also it seems testers do not get a following of the channels and videos as other programming or entertainment channels.

Maybe a page on the Ministry with nice youtube channels and some threads to support such channels would help in that direction.

Thank you for reading this and am really looking forward to your feedback.

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Hi @restertest,

Great idea!

Perhaps you could create a new topic in the Sharing Lounge category that includes some of your findings? And then ask a question at the end to encourage others to add their discoveries. The topic thread might become a bit of a catch-all yet perhaps that’s a good starting point.

For example, I would add the Whiteboard Testing YouTube channel, Neil Studd’s Let’s Explore playlist and this excellent video from Richard Bradshaw, “Redefining test automation”.

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@simon_tomes - done

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I like the idea but if it’s going to be 1 thread with 100’s of video’s people won’t find what they seek.
People are more likely to search for ‘automation rest api’ than ‘page with 100 videos’

There are already some topics in the Sharing Lounge - The Club which contains video’s on specific topics. Which is ‘imho’ more beneficial?

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One way we might see if a thread of YouTube channels is useful is by seeing how many folks select each link on the newly created thread.

Perhaps with good use of keywords next to each channel link, a keyword search might end up presenting results that lead to the thread. I guess we’ll find out and see what happens.

And if it becomes a mega list then I’m sure we can work some content magic and turn it into something easy to consume, that’s shareable.

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True, I’m not trying to shoot down the idea, I already saw he created a post and posted a channel myself.
#Agile, let’s try it! :stuck_out_tongue: