Certified Agile Tester Course

This is now live :slight_smile:


Excellent. Look forward to reading this!


Great review! Thanks @adystokes and MOT.

I have to say I was unaware there was a ‘Certified Agile Tester’ distinct from a ‘Certified Agile Tester Extension’, so this is good to know.

Based on Ady’s very thorough review, I think I’m satisfied that the less expensive approach of buying books and sitting the ‘Certified Agile Tester Extension’ exam is the best choice for me personally, given the one of Ady’s three conclusions on the course which applies to my situation (I’m reasonably experienced with agile and testing for some years).

Thanks again!


Thanks @gerardmccann for your kind words, glad it helped.

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Does anyone know if this course has been replaced or renamed? I’m struggling to find a provider. Cheers.

It doesn’t appear on iSQI’s website anymore (which is who provided the CAT course when I did it).

I think I read recently that ISTQB and iSQI are merging? (Though I can’t now find the link to it). It might be that the Foundation-level ISTQB course (Certified Tester - Agile Tester) has replaced the CAT course discussed above.

Thank you. I’ll have a look.