Decision Table Testing

Hello Everyone, Can anyone explain what is decision table testing? and how it works? Actually, I am preparing some topics for the software testing interview and I have doubts regarding this. If anyone knows please explain me.

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Plenty of examples on the internet already:

It is a testing technique in the context where a feature has multiple variables in input, with multiple possible outputs for each combination.
You use it as a modeling/visualization tool for the possible variations of those variables and outputs.

It links, depending on the context with testing techniques like: multi-variable testing, domain testing, pairwise testing.

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I know that @nufenix covered some of this on YouTube, you can check it out here: How I make a Test Case Matrix, using decision table / truth table - YouTube


Definitally start here! This video is gold, and keeps it simple.


Thanks for the shout out & support both :heart:


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