Do you have any tips on getting sponsorship for your Meetup?

(Sarah) #1

I noticed in the pizza thread that an organiser went with pizza as it was cheap and they didn’t have a corporate sponsor. Do you have any tips on getting a sponsor for your Meetup?

I know that @nufenix, @wylie and @tj.maher all have sponsors. Also, @delalic has recently got a sponsor :tada: :grinning: Do you have any advice you can share with other organisers?

Related: here’s an awesome post from @billkav with a template that he uses when approaching potential sponsors

(craig) #2

For sponsoring I’ve been proactive in asking for it but also lucky.

I did this in a couple of ways.

Internally at work:
Before I kicked the meetup off I got some seed money from my company. I had to create a business case for it.

That gave me enough to run 3 meetups.

The other thing I did was to speak to my former colleagues and friends as well as our 3rd party suppliers to gauge their interest, when I approached them, I started with attending and promotion and moved to hosting and sponsorship. That probably got us about 4 sponsors

At the meetups:
I asked, during the meetups if anyone would be interested in speaking and or sponsoring and that also generated a few offers latter down the year.

I also approached a couple of companies that were recruiting or promoting themselves as thought leaders in the area.

At the end of the year I started but didn’t finish this to show the sponsors what they had got out of it, I think its important to maintain that relationship long term and I thought it would be useful.

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(Sarah) #4

This is all pretty epic advice, Craig… cheers! Both Piktocharts/infographics are also very helpful and are a nice, quick visual way to share information. Particularly like the reference to Beren’s trip to Scotland :joy:

(Bill) #5

So I’ve tried pitching a lot of recruiting/consulting firms to help out but it didn’t go that well, most likely I was not talking to the right person. Most of the times there were people that tried to sell me something (outsourcing, recruiting services etc) but at least I stopped getting those cold sale calls.

For food in MoT Atlanta SauceLabs has been our go-to sponsor when the speaker/venue does not sponsor. They are paying us via PayPal on time and never gave us an actual limit on the cost (I’m trying to keep it low on my end). Anyone that wants to reach out to them Theresa Huckleberry<> has been our point of contact.

For space a lot of the startups in different incubators were more than willing to provide/book a conference room in their facilities, we are lucky enough here in Atlanta to have startups their business is testing (Shoutout to MoQuality and

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