Does anyone have a speaker checklist?

(craig) #1

Hi all,

Ali and myself were talking about creating one for Edinburgh, we get a few first-time speakers but also some that we have no experience of in the past.

Were going to create a checklist for speakers, do and don’ts. Whats not acceptable etc, not because we think we have an issue but to ensure our expectations are clear about what is expected both in terms of delivering the talk but also hanging around after.

has anyone got something already they could share?

(karo stoltzenburg) #2

Hi Craig,

that sounds really useful!

Possibly not quite what you’re after, but perhaps helpful? I’m keeping a checklist and list with helpful resources for myself for speaking engagements:

I especially liked Emily Webbers “What speakers need” list of things to consider, and found that helpful when arranging speakers for the Cambridge Meetup:


(Lee) #3

This is why I like this group, as whilst I’m trying to encourage new speakers, I haven’t thought about resources to support them with what they should/shouldn’t do.

I’ve been told I have a strong and loud voice, so when I see others speaking where they’re quiet and others strain to hear them, so making sure they speak loud enough for others to hear may not be something they realise.

One thing I have been guilty of in the past is speaking quickly due to nerves, so making sure they’re aware it could happen to them, and having you in their eyeline to help them with their tempo can be reassuring.

Great links you have there @kstoltzenburg! I’ll be sure to use them myself, and recommend them.